About 10mileMover

10mileMover started with a vision to create opportunity and hope for people who want a better life.

10mileMover Is Like UBER For Pickup Trucks

The Vision

My vision for 10mileMover is to create opportunity and hope for the drivers. This is for people who want a better life. It has the potential to be a transition for Veterans getting back into civilian life. It can be a foothold for students needing a flexible schedule who are just getting started, an income stream for some and a possible career path for others.

Giving Back

We are giving back to the community by supporting Patriots and Paws. Patriots and Paws is a local non-profit that gives furniture and RESCUE DOGS to ACTIVE AND RETIRED MILITARY FAMILIES. They want to grow and be able to give to Veterans nationwide. We are giving them 1% of all proceeds to support this vision.

My fiance’ and I started brainstorming this business in 2016. Tragedy struck as she was killed in 2017, just weeks after we had launched the old website. It has been a difficult learning process. Life is so precious and short. It doesn’t matter if we are here 10 days or 100 years, our time goes by very fast. Make the most of every day, and let your loved ones know how special they are.

My History

I worked in construction for many years before becoming a firefighter. I love working with my hands and I love helping people. I have had a truck for nearly all of my life. People would always ask for help with picking something up, which I did quite often. “Your friend with a truck” really encompassed my lifestyle. For a 3 year span, I commuted from Big Bear to Anaheim CA, about a 2 hour drive. So, I sold my truck and bought a commuter car, a little Toyota Echo. Now I was the one asking for help. I would find a deal on Craigslist and have to figure out a way to get it. My daughter moved and I rented a Uhaul. Another time I borrowed my partner’s truck from the fire station. When I went to return it, I stopped to top it off. EIGHTY BUCKS to fill it up! That’s when the ah-ha moment hit. Everybody has this need. This was the beginning of 10mileMover.

Also during the 3 year span, I had a cabin that I rented out on Airbnb. This was my introduction into an online community market business model. When the ah-ha hit, I knew that I had to do some research. I am a hands on learner, so, I signed up to drive for UBER. How do they inspect the vehicles, how do they vet the drivers, how do they pay, what’s good and bad about the system. I have always liked teaching. When you get really good at something then you should share your knowledge. I taught a few guys the construction trade. I am mentoring a fire explorer. Now THIS task is monumental. I’m learning and creating a system that works for the driver (no refrigerators). I am the drivers advocate. I want to find hard working people that haven’t had much opportunity and teach them to go after their dreams. If I can improve the lives of a just a few families, then all the effort will be well worth it. My vision is much bigger than this, but this is the basis from where I am building.

I recently went through Marie Forleo’s B-school which has really helped to fine tune many aspects of the website (and my life). I love her philosophy, “Everything is Figureoutable”.

10mileMover is a win-win company that gives locals the opportunity to meet and help their neighbors. We are a blessing to your friend with a truck who doesn’t want to give up another Saturday for a pizza and a beer.

If you have a delivery need, go to BOOK NOW and let us serve you.


Andy Ingram, Founder/CEO

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Why Choose 10mileMover

  • You get a quick local response.
  • We give a set price for the first 10 miles ($2/mile beyond that).
  • You have the option of 1 or 2 (or more) delivery people.
    • If you have someone there to help load/unload, we can keep the price down.
  • Track our drivers in real time right to your door.

We support Patriots and Paws

Patriots and Paws is a non-profit organization that gives furniture and rescue dogs to active and retired military families. Penny has a vision to expand this service nationwide. 1% of all proceeds are being donated to support this vision.

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